• It is the mission of Heaven Bound Ministries, Inc. to give testimony to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to evangelize His Word through Christian entertainment, including drama, music and humor.
  • We seek to provide a forum for those who may feel called to share in our mission, equip them for the mighty task and assist them in their spiritual and artistic growth.
  • We hope that those with whom we are blessed to share our mission will be moved to discover the source of our joy and will travel with us on our path of faithful obedience and service to God. The glory and honor we seek to bring to our Lord will reap the reward of a life filled with purpose, peace and contentment.
  • Heaven Bound Ministries, Inc. asks all our fellow participants to join with us in the pursuit of our stated mission. We understand that this ministry involves a substantial amount of time, energy and overall commitment. The Christian life involves hard work and we should be drawn toward it. Through this ministry, our faith and our efforts, we will reach the potential our Lord seeks for us by becoming the people whom God intended.

Together in His service!

Jeannie, Brenda, Michael, Rick and Paul